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Thank you for all of your well wishes this week if you had seen my notes about our dog, Ben 10, passing away.  He was a great companion and had a wonderful, but too short of life with us.  He will be missed for some time. xoxoxo

Please welcome Petite Apple to Oobie Doll for a short series of tiny vintage dresses for the Doll Chateau Sleepy doll!

Doll Chateau and sister company Doll Zone are bringing back their old resins one final time.  Now is the time to get your bodies and heads for those hybrid projects!!  

April 6th through April 28th

THE Doll Chateau Kid boots are here!

For the girls AND boys.

Designed by Oobie Doll and available only here.




Doll Chateau

Please order your resin colors as normal.  If you would like the old resin, please send me a note on your order and I will update the items manually.  Thank you!




Sub Categories
Adult Doll Chateau
Adult Doll Chateau
Doll Chateau Adult Series BJD
Baby Doll Chateau
Baby Doll Chateau
Doll Chateau Baby Series BJD

Kid Doll Chateau
Kid Doll Chateau
Doll Chateau BJD

Mini Doll Chateau
Mini Doll Chateau
Doll Chateau Mini Series BJD

Youth Doll Chateau
Youth Doll Chateau
Doll Chateau Youth Series BJD

Kid Body and Parts
Kid Body and Parts
Doll Chateau Kid bodies and parts
Doll Chateau BJD resin dolls.

We carry Ball Jointed Dolls from Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, China and France.  

We specialize in handcrafted BJD items, OOAK painted dolls and handmade goods from your dolly friends.

~custom requests are always welcomed~

Thank you for visiting oobie doll.   Have fun playing with your dollies!

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