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78 dolls shipped this week alone!!!!!   Thank you everyone!  Also thank you for such support of our friend Nefer behind the beautiful work of Circus Kane Dolls.  All have been shipped!!  :)  The dolls going to Sally for makeup will be sent next week after a few more layaways are complete.  Yippie!!!

I will be out of the office this Friday~ until next Tuesday.  All orders will be completed and sent when I return.  The shop is open as usual, I will only be delayed in email responses.  I am taking my family on a rugged hiking and camping weekend in the Rocky Mountains, CO!! 

I have a fun wig release scheduled for September 25th, ooak Oobie Doll wigs!  Many size 8" and also for your tiny Puki Puki heads! 

Shhhhhh..shhhh......a new Circus Kane preorder for the Giant Stadnik is being decided....

THE BLACK Doll Chateau Kid booties are now being produced!  These will come with a super fun stripe stocking by Doll Heart.  For the girls AND boys.

Designed by Oobie Doll and available only here.

The new Doll Chateau Kid shoes have arrived!



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DOLL WIGS   >  Doll Wig size guide

As a rule of thumb, measure around your doll's head just above the ears.  This number, in inches, is approximately what size of wig your doll will wear. 

3.5" Lati White, Sleeping Elf Mistletoe (she needs to be glued on), Real Puki

3.75" Roxy Lucy,

4" PukiPuki, Doll Chateau's Ada deer, Circus Kane Starr

4.25" Nefer Kane's Maheaya,

5" Mini Planet Dolls, Circus Kane Soda Bunny,

5.25" Kay Wiggs Cinnamon

5.5" Lati Yellow, Sybarite New Generation Talc,

5.75" Pukifee

6" Bobobie March is just under 6", Bambicrony Elf Shy, New Generation Sybarites,  Kimberly Lasher Lollys,

6.5" Doll Chateau Faust, Little Fee Ante, Unoa, SoulDoll Flett, Ciao Bella Bambicrony,

6.75" Doll Chateau Alma,

7" Bobobie Ariel and Espree, Lati Green, most Souldoll Kids, Peakswoods Lady Bee, DIM Miru, Shiny Doll Meefa, Doll Chateau Bella, DIMdoll Youra,

7.25" Hujoo

7.5" Planet Doll Riz, DIM Flowne elf, Doll Chateau Verna, Circus Kane Humpty,

8" Kim Lasher MSD elf, most Soul Doll Double girls, Lierre,  Nefer Kane's Humpty, Connie Lowe's Sprocket Meek, Kaye Wiggs Layla, DIMdoll Aria, Soul Doll Hye, Circus Kane Mystery elf, Circus Kane Humpty.

8.25"  Kaye Wiggs Layla, Kaye Wiggs Nelly,

8.5" Graceyln, Peakswoods Goldie, Dal, Byul, Kaye Wiggs Nelly and Layla in some stretchy wigs, Twigling Ingene, Shiny Doll Eeffee,

8.75" DIM Trisha, Dollmore Lukia,

9" DIM Kassia

9.75" Agathe,

10" Blythe

14" Dollmore Lusion,

We carry Ball Jointed Dolls from Japan and Korea and France.  

I specialize in handcrafted BJD items, OOAK painted dolls and handmade goods from your dolly friends.

~custom requests are always welcomed~

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Thank you for visiting oobie doll.   Have fun playing with your dollies!

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