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 With the spread of Covid-19, please keep your families safe, xoxoxo

We have been told our doll production will continue as usual with possible increase in delivery time.  Please keep faith in our beloved compainies to support them.  Update~It appears the covid delays may be lifting and orders are returing to a more normal delivery time of 6 months.  Fingers crossed that they will be able to continue this trend!

For those of you waiting.....so patiently!...a gorgeous batch of silky dark brown tibet has just arrived for Big Stella size wigs!!  Please give me a week or so to make some up.  SO pretty

The Big Stella tennis shoes have arrived!!  

Robbin's Egg Blue, Salmon Pink and Bright Yellow!






bjd hat and wig size guide.
DOLL WIGS  >  Doll Wig size guide

As a rule of thumb, measure around your doll's head just above the ears.  This number, in inches, is approximately what size of wig your doll will wear. 

3.5" Lati White, Sleeping Elf Mistletoe (she needs to be glued on), Real Puki

3.75" Roxy Lucy, Real Puki,

4" PukiPuki, Doll Chateau's Ada deer, Circus Kane Starr, Carrie Sawyer elf, Circus Kane Pocket size Mystery Elf, Pinch of Pepper,

4.25" Circus Kane Maheaya, Yindi, Doll Chateau Sleepy,

4.5" Doll Chateau Beatrice, Wren, 

5" Mini Planet Dolls, Circus Kane Soda Bunny, Circus Kane Pocket Onion,

5.25" Kaye Wiggs Cinnamon

5.5" Lati Yellow, Sybarite New Generation Talc, Doll Chateau Liz kitty, Ellemino by Nikki Britt,

5.75" Pukifee, Lati Yellow,  Ellemino by Nikki Britt

6" Bobobie March is just under 6", Bambicrony Elf Shy, New Generation Sybarites,  Kimberly Lasher Lollys, Lati Yellow, Lillycat Constantine in stretch,  Ellemino by Nikki Britt

6.25"-6.5" Irreal doll Ino,

6.5" Doll Chateau Faust, Little Fee Ante, Doll Chateau Damara, Unoa, SoulDoll Flett, Ciao Bella Bambicrony, Circus Kane Sidone, Kimberly Lasher Willow Lolly, Lillycat Constantine, Doll Chateau Clara,

6.75" Doll Chateau Alma, Slinky Neko, Doll Chateau Alan,

7" Bobobie Ariel and Espree, Lati Green, most Souldoll Kids, Peakswoods Lady Bee, DIM Miru, Shiny Doll Meefa, Doll Chateau Bella, DIMdoll Youra, Circus Kane Nexeven, Tum, Ted, Queena by Doll Chateau, Grace by Doll Chateau, Elizabeth by Doll Chateau,

7.25" Hujoo

7.5" Planet Doll Riz, DIM Flowne elf, Doll Chateau Verna, Circus Kane Humpty, Ana Salvador Lucy, Soul Doll Vito Lester, Doll Chateau Lillian Unicorn, Doll Chateau Alan Elf, Nikki Britt Mini Pepper Annie, Doll Chateau Betty, Nikki Britt Adeline

8" Kim Lasher MSD elf, most Soul Doll Double girls, Lierre, Connie Lowe's Sprocket Meek, Kaye Wiggs Layla, DIMdoll Aria, Soul Doll Hye, Circus Kane Mystery elf, Circus Kane Humpty, Circus Kane Lou, Circus Kane Lemur, Ruby by Liz Frost, Ana Salvador Lucy, Doll Chateau Stacy,

8.25"  Kaye Wiggs Layla, Kaye Wiggs Nelly,

8.5" Graceyln, Peakswoods Goldie, Dal, Byul, Kaye Wiggs Nelly and Layla in some stretchy wigs, Twigling Ingene, Shiny Doll Eeffee, Wizworks Luna, Dollstories, Kaye Wiggs Lenny, Kaye Wiggs Abby, Kaye Wiggs Miki, Smart Dolls Tibet mohair non-stretch,

8.75" DIM Trisha, Dollmore Lukia,

9" DIM Kassia, most Dollstown girls 1/3 size, Kaye Wiggs Gracie, Smart Dolls ooak stretchy wigs,

9.25" Beastie by Tracy Promber,

9.5" Shiny Doll Eefee elf in handmade wigs, 

9.75" Agathe,

10" Blythe, 

11"  Linda Macario Iris, Charles Creature Cabinet Fila Moon, Connie Lowe Eppie, Nikki Britt Wendy Wierd, Tuula, Totti by Meadow Dolls, Big Pepper, 

12" Circus Kane Stadnik, Lenci, Stella by Connie Lowe,

12"-12.5" Meadow Dolls Saffi, Bailey by Meadow Dolls,

14" Dollmore Lusion,

14.5" Giant Ellemino by Nikki Britt,

Ball Jointed Doll hat and wig size guide


Oobie Doll specializes in wig design, handcrafted BJD items, OOAK painted dolls.  We are also a dealer for a few very special Ball Jointed Doll companies.

~custom requests are always welcomed~

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