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THE Doll Chateau Kid boots are here!

For the girls AND boys.

Designed by Oobie Doll and available only here.





I am so very pleased to begin working with Shin, the creator, artist, mind and soul of ShinyDoll.  His work respects his origins of Japan, where he continues to live and work.  You will find the technical ideas of an engineer and the sumptous beauty of a trained artisan.  His work has helped lay the foundation for bjd dolls and trends within the ball jointed doll world.

Beautiful indeed.

Shinydoll Resin Matches:

Very close to Dollstown Freshskin
Slightly creamer than Soom but good match
About one shade creamer than Volks pureskin
More creamy than Elfdoll but can work
Creamer than Souldoll but good match
Very close match to the Doll Chateau Pink
Skintone matches to Shinydoll White:
Similar to Dollstown Paleskin
Close to Luts but not as blueish
Perfect match to the Doll Chateau white that I have compared

Clothing that Fits Shinydoll:
DOD:The DOT collection fits very nicely
Dollheart: Most will fit but be a little loose in the waist and bust
Dollfie Dream: Fits well in the waist, maybe loose in the bust
Ajumapama SD: Very good fit with dresses, pants a little loose
Another Space: Good fit on stretchy items, loose on full dresses
Muse Doll:Very good fit
Volks SD: Will fit loosely but can work
Obitsu: Most clothing will work well
Shinydoll can wear most Dollheart shoes and boots, Luts shoes also fit.
oobie doll YO size as stated

Sub Categories
Please welcome one of the original ball jointed dolls companies.  ShinyDoll is a Japanese company based in the heart of doll country.


Oobie Doll specializes in wig design, handcrafted BJD items, OOAK painted dolls.  We are also a dealer for a few very special Ball Jointed Doll companies.

~custom requests are always welcomed~

Thank you for visiting oobie doll.   Have fun playing with your dollies!

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