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With the New Year, we will begin to restructure Oobie Doll into a Wig and BJD accessory only store.  This decision has been made due to the increased expense to import the heavy resin dolls.  We have enjoyed the past 14 years especially working with Doll Chateau, Doll Zone, Mask Cat Dolls, Nympheas Dolls, Shiny Doll, DIMDoll, Charles Creature Cabinet and Soul Doll.  Please order direct from these companies and continue to support their art. 

Additionally, this extra time will allow for me to produce more one of a kind wigs, xoxox.

As we phase out the doll portion of the store, we are offering a 25% discount on any doll's original price.  Please choose to have your invoice sent.  I will be working on more inventory during the coming weeks.




So long Oobie Doll
So long Oobie Doll

 Please note, this is OLD news, xoxo

It is the nature of the internet to hold onto news, forever in some cases.  Because of this reason only, I have decided to add a tiny note here on Oobie Doll about the statements made by Nefer of Circus Kane Dolls in 2014 when our companies fell out of business together.  I do not want to get too far into the details surrounding the separation, but I would like you all to know that I did try my best to help her through the situation as it is never good to see anyone fail, especially within our fun doll community.

In a nutshell, I believe Nefer had failed to produce one of her largest orders, the Stadnik.  This would have been fine for her, but my shop had ordered 2 of the dolls along with the giant pricetag to match the giant doll.   She claimed they were lost in the mail when I began looking for my shop ordered dolls.  The next several months were full of doll shippments with missing dolls that she claimed "Must have fallen out of the boxes or were stolen".   

If you know Nefer long enough, you will also know that she is a bit dramatic and the result was that long story of crazy details that began the smear campaign against my shop.  I want you all to know they were untruths, but built on some facts because there were orders while we were in business together.

I'm not sure if any of you care about this or even know how devastating it was to me at the time and maybe it does not matter, but for those of you that come across this story, please know it was written by an author, a writer, that had the sole purpose to hurt me and my shop as much as possible.

I have forgiven Nefer as I do not think she could help herself and I wish her the best future.

A brief explanation for the post on Nefer Kane's Blog.


Oobie Doll specializes in wig design, handcrafted BJD items, OOAK painted dolls.  We are also a dealer for a few very special Ball Jointed Doll companies.

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