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6 inch Tibetan Mohair Wigs
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Please note, the Lati Yellow doll may wear both a size 5.5" and a 6" depending on how tight you wish the wig to be.  Bobobie March, Bambicrony Elf, New Generation Sybarites, Kimberly Lasher Lolly dolls, Lati Yellow, Irreal Ino, Faust, Little Fee ante, Damara, Unoa, Circus Kane Sidone, Slinky Neko, Doll Chateau Alma...and many more.  Please take a look at my Dolls Wig Size Guide for details.

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6 inch mohair wigs for your ball jointed dolls


Oobie Doll specializes in wig design, handcrafted BJD items, OOAK painted dolls. 

~custom requests are always welcomed~

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