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New Little Stella wigs, xoxoxo

Lots of NEW Kaye Wiggs size 9" wigs listed!  These will also fit your Smart Doll and other 8.5-9 inch heads, xox



7- 8 inch Tibetan Mohair Wigs
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Bobobie Ariel and Espree, Lati Green, most Soul Doll Kids, Peakswoods Lady bee, DIM Miru, Shiny Doll Meefa, Bella, Youra, Nexeven, Hujoo, Planet Doll Riz, Flown, Verna, Humpty, Ana Salvador Lucy, Soul Doll Vito Lester...and many more.  Please refer to my Doll Wig Size Guide for more detailed sizing.

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7" Auburn

7" Caramel mohair

7" Dishwater Blonde
will restock, xoxo

7" Golden melon

7" Little Stella size tibet mohair wig

7" pure white Short Mohair

7.5" Auburn braids
This is a short series, all very similar

7.5" Dolphin grey mohair

7.5" Natural white short wool

7- 8 inch mohair wigs for your bjd's


Oobie Doll specializes in wig design, handcrafted BJD items, OOAK painted dolls. 

~custom requests are always welcomed~

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