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The Pink Canvas tennis shoes for Big Stella size have arrived and white, paintable and dyable on the way!!






Stella eyes


Above are the eyes that Stella came with and I feel very lucky to have received my personal favorite, the dark brown!  I believe these are 18mm with a wider Glass base and back stem for positioning.  I have one of my eye suppliers checking on this type to offer any of you wishing to mix up your eye colors,  xxooo

I am working with my overseas glass eye company to produce a line of 18mm glass eyes just for Stella.  They have been shipped and will arrive any day.  This first color will be a dark brown, natural looking eye.

Below is a very economical Masterpiece acrylic eye in 18mm French Brown.  I feel the look is good for the price, but there is a sight eye gap, especially seen in Stella's right eye.  The iris is the same size as the original Stella eye (1cm).  You would be able to use white eye putty to somewhat camouflage the gap.  Again, this eye pair is only $14.25, so maybe it is worth it for the cost value.  In person, I think they look cute!

Below you will see the Masterpiece Soft Glass eyes in a size 19mm.  They are a perfect and beautiful fit!!


The Masterpiece Soft Silicone Glass are a perfect fit in 19mm.  The above color is their Ocean blue which I feel is very appropriate for the "age" of Stella.  They are very youthful and vibrant.  The soft glass will allow you to fit the eye sockets perfectly!  One thing to note is my own Stella came from Connie with the clear silicone eye putty and this is not recommended for use with the silicone eyes.  The clear silicone putty works great with glass or acrylic eyes though.

Below is another lovely color, Hazel Nouveau 19mm in the soft glass Masterpiece Eyes.  I have ordered in many colors that I believe will look beautiful with all of the Stella skin colors.  Please check the Masterpiece Eyes Soft Glass section. Many size 19mm are now incoming!

Hazel Nouveau is a beautiful and natural green eye. 


More thoughts and photos to come!

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18mm Steampunk eye

18mm Steampunk eye

20mm Steampunk eye

20mm Steampunk eye

20mm Steampunk eye

Here you will find eye sizes by several BJD eye companies as I find them and my thoughts on fit.


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