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Wool wig care guide
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Long Wool Wig guide


If you've purchased a Long Wool lock wig from Oobie Doll, such as the example above, these are my recommendations for care, xoxo.

These types of locks are wool and are formed as they grow on the sheep.  You cannot comb a lock such as this.  It will fuzz out if you do and will not return to the nice, tight look as above.  That said, the locks are quite durable.  They will go through 3-4 baths before I begin to work with them. At completion, they will be shampooed and conditioned twice.  I use Aveda shampoo and conditioner for the final two steps.  

You may also shampoo and condition your wig.  Please be gentle in a wash basin while doing so.  Do NOT use hot water and then rinse in cold.  Remember, this is wool.  It will felt if you do so.  Keep the water the same temperature for washing and rinsing and you will be fine.  I use a warm, but not hot temp.  

Air dry your wig.  Never use a blow dryer on it.  This will cause fuzzing.

You may add oils and most anything you would use on your own hair.  


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