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Loppy Lock care
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Loppy Lock wig care guide

If you have purchased a wig from Oobie Doll with locks similar to the example above, you have purchased one of my Loppy Lock wigs.  This is a term I have coined because of how the locks behave on the wig.  They are well formed and bouncy fun!

This type of fiber will always have a small amount of grey hairs hidden within the locks.  This is just the way it is.  The overall feel of the color will be a medium brown with sunkissed tips unless otherwise stated.  IF..you see one grey hair you just cannot live with, you may gently pull out that ONE hair.  This will not affect the lock shape.

You may not comb this wig.  The locks are formed while growing on the goat and must not be disturbed or you will loose your fun spiral.  So, if you look very closely, you may find a tiny bit of hair tangle here and there within the spiral.  Please let this be as if you begin to pick at your locks, they will open up and not be the same fun spirals.

As with all of my handsewn lock wigs, these are the 1-2 year haircuts of the animal.  I recieve the fiber smooshed in a bag and will wash 3-4 times before working with the locks.  So, the locks have gone through quite a bit of work before you will recieve it.

My final step is to wash and condition with Aveda shampoo and conditioner.  You may do this also.

To shampoo, use warm, not hot, water in a wash basin.  The final rinse may be under running water, but softly running.  One trick then is the shake your wig to get he curls all separated.  I like to add a drop of hair syrum to my hand and scrunch the curls into shape.  Then, let your wig air dry for a day or two.

You may add product to your wig, just as your own hair, but remember, do not comb the hair.


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