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We've made the decision to suspend new Doll item Pre-orders until the worldwide shipping has become more stable.  This is due to the higher cost of bringing in goods as wells as the many new shipping bans being put into place for items coming out of the US.

But...We will continue to order in new dolls and items for the shop shelves.  They will be listed upon arrival to us, xoxoox.

One VERY special Ktooloo octopus by Nympheas Dolls within our Flea Market, xoxoox




How to care for your Ball Jointed Doll
Care and maintenance

Care and Maintenance for your new doll.

It is important to keep your doll out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

The use of a wig cap is recommended.  These are very handy in keeping those slippery wigs on and also help protect your doll's head from any staining from dark colored wigs.

Mr. Clean sponges or "magic erasers" are your friend.  They can clean up most marks your doll may acquire.  You may either use dry or slightly dampened.  Be careful!  These sponges will clean off more than you like.  Be especially careful around any face paint.

Be careful of that very cute gothic outfit in black.  If the companies did not take care in chooseing fabrics or treating them to not bleed, you may risk your doll's resin.  To prevent this, only leave your doll dressed in the dark clothing for short periods of time and be sure to buy from a reputable company.  You will only find these quality items on oobie doll.

To aid in dressing your doll and protecting any long, expressive fingers, place a small plastic bag over the hands to prevent any snagging of the clothing.  You wouldn't want your doll to loose a finger over fashion.

I have a few pair of cute vintage lady's gloves for handeling some of my dolls.  This will prevent any oil from my hand getting onto the doll's resin.  This oil will collect dirt/dust over time and make your doll grubby.

Here's a great tip!  When dressing in sheers where velcro is used as a back fastener, place a piece of fabric over the hook side of the velcro.  This will save you snagging the sheer fabric.  It only took me ten minutes to ruin a $100.00 outfit!



Tips on maintenance of a Ball Jointed Doll.


Oobie Doll specializes in wig design, handcrafted BJD items, OOAK painted dolls.  We are also a dealer for a few very special Ball Jointed Doll companies.

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