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7.5" Strawberry Auburn
Item Details

Firstly, a little word on this type of wig....I've been just about laughed at by some fellow wig makers that are sending their custom work overseas, "That is just too much work!".  I have met just about each and every one of my baby animals or at least their keepers.  Each one of these little babies has been cared for by small operation farmers and are very happy, especially after they give me their entire fiber shearing from the winter!  These animals will live and grow more fiber. 

This baby fiber, their first haircut, is so fine that it reminds me of millions of spider webs.  The hair shaft is about 1/3 the thickness of your own and so this is perfect for these smaller dolls!  You will never see a more beautiful wig.  Most of these fibers are also for sale in my wig making section if you would like to try.  I will help you!  This is Orbit's fiber...

My Planet Doll Riz and also Nefer Kane's Humpty gal wear this wig well.  This is a 7.5" wig on a stretchy wig cap.  I recommend one of Laure Belle's silicone caps or a piece of double sided tape to help with sliding if your doll has a slippery head.

I have created this wig to be worn down, in pony tails, braids or gently draped around the doll's shoulders.  The fiber has a continous part to separate the sides. 

I very much recommend brushing (with a cat brush) and conditioning this wig at least once to see how incredibly silky it is.  I have freshly brushed and conditioned after taking these photos.  Take care to keep the part separated as you do this.  Let the water rinse over it to "comb" it wet.  Let your wig air dry.  You may wind the hair around pencils to dry for curls!  The ends may also be trimed if you like. 

One last thing, a natural fiber wig is the color of the animal.  The hair has not been dyed and will never, never stain your doll!

XXXOOO  Dolly Hugs!



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