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Spring outfit for Doll Chateau Kid
Item Details

It was such a pleasure for me to take the time from the busy schedual to design, create and sew this set myself.  The Spring set is a very small series and will be sold out when they are gone.  This is due to the very limited amount of the skirt fabric.  I love to collect feedsacks and other old remnants that I find at antique stores and flea markets.

The set shown here is my very own, yours will arrive with very crisply ironed pleats and with the top only tried on to fit the hidden snap perfectly.  I have machine sewn the base of this set and have lovingly added hand stitch detail to give a feeling of the handmade. 

I've been looking at this fabric together for some time and it always wispered "clean vintage" to me, I believe this is the feel you will have while dressing your doll.  Keep in mind, that I have designed this to fit the Doll Chateau Kid girl body perfectly.  You may be able to use it for other dolls of similar size.  The snaps could be moved within the skirt to fit other dolls, but the top is very fitted to this slender body.

To get that double bow effect in the skirt tie, simply tie two bows on top of eachother.  I have another, vintage bow you may choose from.  Please state pink or cream bow in your checkout.

The cutest, tiniest little alabaster shell button detail is found on the bodice!

The nest of eggs is hopelessly the perfect size!  You will find a tiny alligator clip hidden beneath the nest.  This may be easily clipped into your wig hair or held as shown.  The nest has a little sparkle fantasy about it and the eggs are permanently attatched.

This set includes the wrap top, pleated skirt, waist bow and the extra special nest of Spring eggs.

Much love and time was taken within this dress set.

I will include any color of Tibetan mohair wig with your set.  Please just give me an exact size and color wanted.  Thank you!

SOLD OUT~~I promise there will be more DC Kid sets~~Thank you for loving them


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