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Meefa Head
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This head has sold~~

Shiny Doll Meefa Elf head in white

This head is quite possible my favorite to date.  Shin at Shiny Doll has sculpted an amazing creature here that speaks of quality and realism.  I have enjoyed every minute of this creation.

She is a youthful elf with very delicate smatterings of freckles about her face and ears.  And the blushing of running and climbing.

Shiny Doll offers two body sizes for this head.  The Pricco which will result in a YO sized doll and the Fragile that will create a slender MSD size.  Many hybrids will also be possible.  This head will be tried on the Doll Chateau Kid 07 by her new owner.  She is wearing Masterpiece Eyes in a Forest color.

This head has sold~~~


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