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Item Details

She's the newest sculpt of Panda workshop.    

Yvetta will be released only in white skin.

She is the 1/3 size, head only. 

Panda Workshop recommended bodies are, any 1/3 size white, Loongsoul, Spirit Doll, Dollzone and Angel Studio.

This head looks beautiful on the Connie Lowe Olga body.  The resin match is perfect!  I also like the match to a Planet Doll immature normal body 43cm.  The Yvetta head will need a little peach tone brought in to blend the head and body for this hybrid.  Pictures below.

Panda Workshop is proving to be a fresh new look into the world of BJD sculpts. I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I have.

Planet Doll 43cm normal immature body

Below are some experiment ideas for a Hybrid Yvetta.

1.  This is a Shiny Doll Thaasa flesh body.  Yvetta will look great with a Thaasa Shiny Doll WHITE body.

2. Yvetta is a perfect resin match to the Connie Lowe Olga body.

3. Doll Chateau white Youth-0 body.  This body is quite a bit whiter than Yvetta, but a blush could bring them together.

4. Planet Doll normal immature 43cm body.  This body is a good size match, but is a bit more peach than Yvetta.  The Yvetta had could be blushed peach to bring together.

Above, I think the white Thaasa, not the flesh shown

sold out


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