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Polka Dot Neck Ruffle 1/4 size
Item Details

I had found a few rolls, at a pretty penny, of what I was told is a 1930's ribbon trim.  I have purchased it all and am so happy that I did.  I am not certain on the age, it seems to be a satin with painted on cream polka dots.  At any rate, it is very old.  The rolls come with protective paper between the layers of ribbon.  Somewhere in time, the paper had adhered to the cream dots and the result today is beautifully aged!  You will find cracks in the dots and some areas where the pant has chipped away.  I think this is beautiful and gave the final detail as I tore the paper away.

I will be doing a series of these ruffles, all similar, but never exactly the same, so each will be sold individually as they are made. 

The color is a deep and dark chocolate, polka dots in aged creams.  I have sewn this onto a piece of woven cream tape ribbon with a snap.  The fit is best for an MSD sized doll, but will also fit a YO size doll, only the ruffle will appear larger.  The ruffles have been hand sewn into a floppy and old looking ruffle.  Please inquire if you would wish for one still in it's stiff and very pleated state.  So pretty.




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