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9"-10" Dark brown Braid
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9"-10" Dark brown Braid
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So pretty!  This is a braided wig made from silky and heavy fibers without any bulk.  The result is a perfectly fitting sweet braided wig.

The color is a very dark brown.



Below are how this wig styles on Connie Lowe's Big Stella doll.  Please note, this wig is a perfect fit, but only if you place on Stella's head backwards and re-braid.  This is very simple to do!  This wig also styles perfectly as ponytails, xoxo.


This is your first step.  Place the wig on Stella backwards as seen below.

Simply undo thehair tie and unravel the braid.  Then re-braid the hair and attach the hair ties.  You may braid around Stella's cute ears as I have done.  The hair ends will have a much more natural look as they will be uneven.  Ponytails are super cute too!!

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