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9" Vintage Crocheted Crown
Item Details

The size is nine inches around and so will fit those 8" -9" heads beautifully.  This is definately a statement piece.

Please inquire about a custom crown.  Your crown will arrive with the ribbon shown, which is removable.  If you wish for another ribbon color, please let me know and I will see what I am able to exchange it with.  xoxox

These are stiffened fabric crowns and are hard, but the base is fabric.  You will see in the next few crowns, that glue and glitter are beautiful on the crown.  This one is being sold in a natural state, which I feel is beautiful, but you would be able to add glitter of your choice.

Modeling are the Panda Workshop DOU 1/3 size head and the Blythe Ultimate Tour.

sold~ please inquire for a custom crown


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~custom requests are always welcomed~

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