I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, xoxo

Things will be a little relaxed here for custom orders as I work on a new line of wigs for this fall!  Keep in touch!  All instock items will ship promptly.




8.5" Porcelain Blue long mohair
Item Details

This batch is so so super cute!  There are tiny and soft curls at the fiber base that are adorable.  The length is also very long for this tibet, about 5 inches.

Your wig will arrive as shown above and protected within a wig box.  If you wish for me to set your wig before sending, I will add this option.  There are some photos below of this wig set/curled.

This wig is being modeled by Forever Virginia's Rosemary and a Peakswoods Goldie.  This wig also looks stunning on the Wizworks Luna in ice blue resin!

please inquire about restocking!  xoox


Oobie Doll specializes in wig design, handcrafted BJD items, OOAK painted dolls. 

~custom requests are always welcomed~

Thank you for visiting oobie doll.   Have fun playing with your dollies!

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