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Kid-12 Outfit
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This set has been machine and hand sewn by myself with much love for the long and lanky Doll Chateau Kid-12 boy bodies.  The arms are long enough to cover the entire arm and hand or just expose the right amount of tiny fingers.  There is much stretch and retension to this stripe woven knit and it is one of my favorite go to's.  The red body suit fabric has been washed and dried 4 times to ensure safe wearing for your doll.  The buttons are vintage and quietly scream goth.  You will find a few tiny (on purpose :) moth holes within his romper and a few random hand stitches, just as an odd fellow may wear.  All of the rompers within this series will come with a pair of my rainbow heart sock.  SO adorable!  I am keeping the rompers simple, wearable and cute so they are affordable as well as customizeable.  You may add to any bits of trims you like with a little hand sewing.  My Alan Elf by Doll Chateau is modeling this set.  His head has been placed on the 12 Kid body.

OH!  This set will be coming home with Alan's fancy going to town bow tie.  xoxo  Romper, socks and bow tie



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