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I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  I wanted to add a little note here about how busy life had gotten for me while helping my parents through a few health hurdles.  Both are better now and I promise to get back to wigs in a more timely manner, xoxo.

I've been spinning and so you will see a few really fun wigs incoming!




Stella Tennis shoes
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Stella Tennis shoes
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The above and below outfits are by Mimi James and you may find her on Facebook.  SOOOO cute!!  These are just a sample of her many wonderful designs, xoxoxo.



The above tennis shoes are the Patent tennis shoe colors.  

Pink patent has sold out, xoxo

I will give instructions on how to soak and dry on Stella's foot for a better fit.  The canvas style arrived a little snug.  I will be soaking all future tennis shoes before they go out so the fit is nice.

This is a shoe I have found that will fit the Big Stella foot.  As you all know, she is a difficult foot to fit and these are just about perfect for a sneaker!  The fit is perfect barefoot.  For thicker socks, you will need to open the laces just a bit.

9cm X 4cm These may be worn by many dolls with a larger foot!



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Yellow and white vinyl in stock
Black and pink canvas in stock


Oobie Doll specializes in wig design, handcrafted BJD items, OOAK painted dolls.  We are also a dealer for a few very special Ball Jointed Doll companies.

~custom requests are always welcomed~

Thank you for visiting oobie doll.   Have fun playing with your dollies!

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