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10"-11" wig cap
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10"-11" wig cap
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They are finally here!!  LBC has made the silicone caps in larger sizes for all of our giant head dolls!  I am so excited!!!

The Laure Belle Couture wig caps are the best on the market in my opinion and handmade!  Your wigs will never slip again, which makes dressing your dolls so much more fun.

This is a size 10-11 inch and can be worn by many of our big head dolls.  It is shown here on Connie Lowe's Stella and I will walk you through how to cut these to size.

Thanks to another collector, xoxoox, we've found this size to also be a great fit for Meadow Dolls Scarlett-Sylvia.  Photos below

Fully place your wig cap on your doll's head.  Try not to stretch it much, but easy and naturally place it on.  If there are gaps, it may be too big and it is always best to size down rather than up with a Laure Belle cap.  They can stretch quite a bit!  The back of the cap is the gathered curve you will see in the back. This is the half moon cutout.  Place this at the nape of the neck in back.

So, for our model Stella here, I have stretched over her ears while placing the cap on.   I will begin with a marker, marking larger than I feel the cut will need to be.  You can always cut more off, but you cannot put back!  You will also want to cut off your marker marks, so another reason to go big on your size.  (You will not want to leave any marker marks because they will get onto your doll eventually!)

Below is the head cap after I have cut off my markings.  It was perfect!  I may want to trim the back nape of the neck a bit more after I decide what wig she will be wearing.

For the front, I like how the silicone cap sits right at the edge of Connie's velcro.  Laure Belle Couture recommends that you not wear the silicone cap on any of your doll's face makeup, but on the head back area only.

Below are photos of Scarlett-Sylvia.  Thank you to my new dolly friend!

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