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12" Reddish blonde Angora wig
Item Details

I know there are a few of you waiting for this wig!  The angora from the rest of the fleece is not behaving the same and so they will be similar, but all different.  It will be a while longer yet before I am able to get to them, xoxoxo.

This is a fun angora find!  Once again, from my neighbor's super happy little goat farm, xxooxox.  The length is long, about up to 6 inches.  The color is a fawn blonde base leaning toward strawberry blonde tips.  I've added a bit of gold fairy tinsel for the perfect touch.  My Big Stella by Connie Lowe is the perfect model, but this wig will fit many dolls of large head size, 11-12 inch.

This wig has sold, but I will begin a short list.  As always, when the shearing is used up, that will be the end of the series.  Also, please note that each will turn out a little differently.


sold out, xoxox


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