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Customize your canvas tennis shoes!
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Customize your canvas tennis shoes!
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These are the 9cm X 4cm Big Stella size tennis shoes in the canvas style.  Currently in stock are the bubblegum pink and black, but I do have an off white on the way also!

I wanted to walk you through an easy way to customize the black to achieve this nice, worn taupe look.  Please take care during all of these steps while using Bleach and drying directly on Stella's feet.  You must cover with Saran Wrap to protect her from any stocking dye during the drying process.  I will offer a few pair of these shoes for those that do not want to try it, but I know many of you love this sort of thing too, xoxoox.

step 1: Remove your laces and foam packaging

step 2: Soak your shoes in water for about 5 minutes

step 3: Use a stainless steel pan, fill with a few inches of water and a strong bleach mixture (I used about half and half, heavier on the water)

step4:  Find something to weigh your shoes down if you want a completely even bleach.  I found I liked the outsides of the shoe a little darker and let some float that way.  The upper edge will recieve less bleach and retain some more black areas.

step 5: Check your shoes.  Keep in mind, the wet shoe will appear darker than the final result.  They will dry lighter. 

The above, taupe greyish brown, was the result after allowing the tennis shoes to remain in the bleach mixture for about 45 minutes. This was the Black tennis shoe.

***For the Pink Canvas tennis shoe, I found these to bleach in only a few minutes, 3-5 minutes.

step 6: Wash your shoes well by hand.  Bleach can leave a slimy film on your hands as wells as the shoes, so be sure to rub well.  I washed my shoes in 3 different baths, aggitating by hand, for about 5-10 minutes.

step 7: Wrap in a towel to dry a bit

step 8: Place some stockings on Stella's feet (preferably a light color)

step 9: Cover Stella's feet and stockings well with Saran Wrap

step 10: Work the damp tennis shoes on Stella's feet (without laces) to air dry overnight

I found the soaking and air drying to help the fit with these canvas shoes.  For whatever reason, their stitching is a little tighter than the patent.

Any type of fabric paint should also work fine on these.  Have fun and keep watching for new, finished shoes, xoxo

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