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9 inch or 22.9cm wig cap
Item Details

This is a 9 inch stretchy wig cap available in Buff and Charcole Brown. 

Wig caps are useful when worn under a wig to help it stay put as well as to protect your doll's head from wig dye.

Wig caps are also used during wig-making with the hair being sewn directly onto the wig cap.

This item may be shipped First Class for any Internationl customers.  Please have me send an invoice with your total.

The Kaye Wiggs Nelly will wear a 9" wig cap (even though she wears an 8.25" wig).  This is the size I recommend if you are sewing hair into the cap for a wig.  Nelly may also wear the 8.5" cap if it is worn for protection underneath a wig.

Kimberly Lasher's Juliet is also shown wearing the 9" cap.  She has such a shallow back part of her head that she will need to wear the wigs and caps over the tips of her ears to look natural.  Juliet may also wear the 9.5" cap.  I always recommend a little larger for wig making.

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