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Girl Body K-body-01
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Heliantas has honored me a photo of her Kid body Pink skin with a Dollmore Bomi head.  Thank you!

Above is a Dollmore Coco head on the Doll Chateau original Pink skin Kid body.  These photos are intended to inspire a creative hybrid.  I in no way claim the resin matches shown to be perfect, but they are similar and a fun result.

Below is an original Pink skin Kid body with an iMda head in normal.  The color match is just about perfect.  After working with this body for a bit...LOVE it!  The range is great for posing.


K-body-01 Girl body


43cm with head included

fits a head of 17cm

shoulder 8cm

neck 6cm

arm length 14.3cm

breast 15cm

waist 12.5

hip 20.5cm

leg length thigh 10.5cm

feet length 5.1cm

sold, xoxo


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