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1960's OOAK Riz
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It all began with this fabulous pair of shoes....

This Riz has been months in the making, but worth all of the time.  She is a stunning beauty, different from most of the Planet Dolls you will see.  Her make up is a girl of the night.  Her dress is a vintage shift style.  I have left this as I found it, slightly torn and tattered.  There is no telling of her story.  She is slightly disheveled in her tied up bun hair and short dress.  And the fabulous heels fit her so very well...patent gold pleather.

I have left her Tan skinned body free of blushing to allow for easier posing.  Her fingernails have been painted a soft pink.  Her eyelashes are long and dark and singly applied. 

She is a Tan skinned Planet Doll Riz, MSD size of 44cm.

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