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Boyfriend set
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Boyfriend set
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Wow, this is a stunning set that will fit the slender Smart Dolls in such a fun Boyfriend fit!  This set will also fit many SD or 1/3 size taller dolls, including boy dolls.  The pants are a soft velvet crush with a slight flare and fit perfectly with a tiny gap in back for the stand.  The shirt and suit tuxedo coat fit with a tiny extra length in the arm to give that oversized fit, but otherwise the fit is slim.  ALL of those buttons are real buttons with tiny button holes!  The craftsmanship is just excellent.  

As with any dark clothing, please use a pair of white leg protectors when leaving this outfit on for any period of time, just in case for any chance of staining.  I believe Smart Doll sells these, or I would think any tights made for the Smart Doll would work as a barrier.

Also included is the beautiful, heat resistant wig sized 9"-10".  This has been cut in a slight anime fashion and may be restyled straight if you like.  The color is a pretty brown with many tones of blonde highlights.


Set includes: shirt, coat, tie, pants and wig.




Oobie Doll specializes in wig design, handcrafted BJD items, OOAK painted dolls. 

~custom requests are always welcomed~

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